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Latest News

2024.07.22 Baja Mango orders are now closed.
Both for Japan and the U.S. will be shipped in early to mid-August.
2024.07.10 Cherry shipments to Japan have been completed.
Cherry pickup for the U.S. market will be on 7/12 (Fri.), and delivery items have been shipped on 7/10 (Wed.).
2024.06.28 Sales of cherry are now closed.
You can check the delivery status of your order from "Previous Orders" on My Page.
2024.06.27 Latest Shipments
  • Premium Rainier shipped
  • Premium Bing & Rainier Set to begin shipping on June 26
  • Premium Bing to begin shipping next week
  • Gee Whiz Premium Cherries to begin shipping on July 1
2024.06.24 Premium Bing Cherries were sold out. Premium Rainier Cherries and Premium Bing & Rainier Comb will begin shipping on June 28.
2024.06.21 Premium Rainier Cherries and Premium Bing & Rainier Cherries were sold out.
2024.06.07 The shipping schedule is as follows.
  • Premium Rainier Cherries from around June 24
  • Premium Bing, Premium Bing & Rainier Combo from around June 27
  • Gee Whiz Premium Cherries from around July 8
  • Premium Mexican Baja Apple Mango from around August 8
2024.04.29 Due to delivery work, we currently do not accept noshi service (cover lettering).
2024.04.25 All cherries and mango have started taking orders for this year. U.S. delivery is now available!